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Thread: Shift handle locked

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    Shift handle locked

    Hello Friends,
    Recently, my shift handle locked.
    Fortunately, this occurred at my driveway, so my panic state was very minimal.
    After many unsuccessful attempts to release the handle, and almost 2hours of trying everything in the book, I began to panic.
    I was almost ready to have my vehicle towed to the mechanic.
    I decided to look on line for similar experiences by others.
    I discovered the shift linkage cable to the transmission consists of a small rubber "O" ring bushing that engages to the transmission shift arm.
    This small "O" ring bushing about the size of a dime, simply rotted away causing the shift linkage cable to disengage from the transmission shift arm and in-turn, causing the shift handle to lock.
    I purchased the "O" ring bushing about $9 and installed it...under 5 minutes.
    All ok now.
    My H2 is a 2003', I strongly recommend anyone with an older model H2, check your shift linkage cable "O" ring bushing for deterioration.
    Safari Hummer H2
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    Re: Shift handle locked

    Hey, where in the shifter did yrs stick?,, i was having a similuar prob. When i got home a couple of times the shifter would stop between the rev-park. And i couldnt get the key out. Also the truck would not pull away from a stop very well. After doing a code check which said the ignition silinoid was bad, and replacing it i havent eighter prob scence. I did see a video on youtube about fixing the shifter that was sticking intermitely on the consoul and he showed how to take apart and lube the sticky part.

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