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Thread: Matte finish question

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    Matte finish question

    Hi everyone, I am new here and I ve got an H2 which I want to turn matte. The previous owner has put way too much chrome on it, and I am kinda sick of it already, after 2 months of ownership only haha
    Anyways, i was wondering, what is the most durable way to make my H2 matte?
    I've heared of matte paint, special coating called raptor or something, then... vinyl wrapping which I do not really think will last long, though that is just my impression....
    That's why decided to post here and ask you folks, whether anyone here tried any of these methods, or perhaps there is something else which I am not aware of. Just want it to be plain matte, nothing too fancy, nothing glossy. Here is the perfect H2, as for me:
    The picture is not mine, I've taken it from and you know, I've got just the H2, not the SUT. Just showing the finish I want.
    And you know, before I tried posting the same question on the paint forum, you know, asking guys to recommend the right paint for that... Yet they explained the process with just a couple of too complicated words and when I asked to please explain what that is, hinted that I am not smart enough for their society haha
    Anyways, hope this place will be friendlier to a newbie J

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    Re: Matte finish question

    Clear plastidip will protect the finish and give you that matte look. My friend did that to his 2007 sut looks awesome and been on there for a year now in New england with lots of offroading

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    Re: Matte finish question

    I've been putting a heavy coat of liquid car wax on my OEM chrome wheels in the Winter to protect from the salt here in Michigan. It's done a good job, but is a pain to get off come Spring. I never thought about Clear Plastidip. Do you think that would work well (easy to remove and provide protection)?
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