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Headlight revolution starr hid saga***
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Thread: Headlight revolution starr hid saga***

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    Rant Headlight revolution starr hid saga***


    Dec 29th 2017: Contacted HEADLIGHTREVOLUTION.COM @ (218) 755 - 5505 and asked about the availability of the EXACT STARR HID lights I wanted. They said they had everything in stock and will ship within 1 day of the order.

    Dec 29th 2017 within 5 minutes of talking to them on the phone: I ordered (1 x STARR HID XP7002C Bi-Xenon Chrome Projector Headlights Kit 2005 - 2010 Hummer H3 (Ballast Power: 55w 5,000 Lumen)) on HEADLIGHTREVOLUTION.COM paid Via PayPal.

    Dec 29th 2017: PayPal payment goes through
    Waiting . Waiting. Waiting (I get that new years is on Monday).

    Jan 3rd 2018: Still no shipment notice, emialed HEADLIGHTREVOLUTION.COM, the rep says they don't have some of the parts in stock and that they are expecting more today. I tell him they had everything in stock the day I ordered. He said "we have new guys here and they don't always check". He tells me my shipment will go out tomorrow. I am OK with that.

    Jan 4th 2018: No shipment notification. I email and I ask for a FULL refund. He comes back with a 2 day air shipment on them and a coupon code for a future order. OK, I'll take it.

    Jan 4th 2018: Finally and email notification of shipment (YES!!!)

    Jan 8th 2018: Package arrives! (2 day air takes 3 UPS business days???), I open it and open each individual box. The Bulbs and ballasts are for a 35w system and the right sealed light has 2 pieces of chromed plastic about the size of a large BB making racket inside the lens.

    Jan 8th 2018: Called HEADLIGHTREVOLUTION.COM @ (218) 755 - 5505 and told them of the multiple issues I have with the shipment. They say they will ship me out the new bulbs, ballasts and right light housing in a few days. NOPE, I want it in 2 days at your expense. they say OK.

    Jan 9th 2018: Shipment notification!

    Jan 10th 2018: Shipment arrives! I open it and open each individual box. 2 55w ballasts and 1 right light housing. No bulbs??

    Jan 10th 2018: Called HEADLIGHTREVOLUTION.COM @ (218) 755 - 5505 and told them no bulbs. The guy on the phone says that the bulbs for the 35w and the 55w are the same. I ask why the bulbs have different #s and pricing on their website and he gives me some B.S. about chaning that on the website to show 1 bulb for both. I don't believe him and my research begins!

    Jan 11-16th 2018: Wheeling trip!

    I totally forget to contact Starr directly and ask about the bulbs.

    Jan 24th: I contact Starr HID via BookFace (I HATE BOOKFACE!!!) and they tell me that there are definitely different bulbs for the 35w and 55w.

    Jan 25th: Called HEADLIGHTREVOLUTION.COM @ (218) 755 - 5505, speak with Austin, this dude knows his sheit! I tell him what I have and what happened. he says I would have burned up the 35w bulb fast and he offers and apology for the previous mistakes and misinformation and tells me that he will have the 55w bulbs sent out today.

    WAITING for shipment notification... I still haven't bench tested the components I have since I haven't had the correct items to test. Let's see if everything works on the bench when I finally receive the correct bulbs.
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